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Ang among home page kini.  Gusto kami nga malingaw kamo ani!
(This is our home page.  We hope that you like it!)

Hello, this is the home page of Tom and Cathy Marking.  We are a married couple living in Houston, Texas.  Welcome to our world!

Well, Tom and Cathy come from vastly different backgrounds.  Tom is an American who works as a software developer.  He has lived in the Houston, Texas area since 1996.  Tom's birth date is January 13, 1960.  Cathy is a Filipina who is currently a stay-at-home mom.  Before coming to America, Cathy lived in Cebu City, Philippines for most of her life.  Cathy's birth date is November 23, 1969.

How we got together is a fascinating story involving romance and international intrigue.  We first met each other in the Philippines in February 1999.  We were married in a civil ceremony in Houston, Texas on October 16, 1999.  We had a second wedding in the Roman Catholic Church in Cebu City, Philippines on May 24, 2001.  And our story is still continuing...


familyportrait1.jpg (124271 bytes)Tom and Cathy pose with their baby boy Zachary.  Zachary was born on November 25, 2002.  In this picture Zachary is one year old.





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